Maxcom Tooling (Established 2000)
Maxcom Tooling which was established since 2000, provides a comprehensive range of complimentary, integrated design engineering and test solutions and services that span the electronics manufacturing value chain, helping your company increase quality and flexibility, resulting in lower overall test costs.

Maxcomtech (Established 2006)
We Provides services to semiconductor by designing & Manufacturing M-Pin with Contractor and Manual Actuator products. Our New concept & geometry of the M-pin is to improve the replaceability of the existing pin. Replacement Contractors and Mounting Blocks are available for most major handler manufacturers.

Maxcom Advanced Technologies (Established 2003)
Maxcom Advanced Technologies which was established in 2003, is dedicated to uncovering the latest research and technology for the Gobal Electronics, Telecommunications, Multi-media, Medical Devices and General Industrial markets. We manufacture Heat Bonding Systems using Pulse Heat technology and LCD Module equipments applicable in the Heat Sealing process with Anistropic Conductive Adhesive Foil (AFC) and Heat Seal Connectors (HSC). Pulse Heat technology is the key for Heat Sealing process such as ACF Pre-Attachment, ACF Final Boding, TAB related Bonding, Reflow (Hot Bar) Soldering and COG Bonding

We strive to help engineers and decision-makers in PCBA and LCD Modules industry excel at their jobs by offering a unique mix of cutting-edge processes and new technology initiatives. We can help you lower costs today and control them well into the fixture, so you can protect your margins and compete to win in a volatile market. We do this by focusing on materials, design, assembly and reliability, and by encouraging peer collaboration industry-wide.

Proven technology and innovation are our reputation for quality and reliability.
These are things you hope for in an OEM vendor but expect in  a partner like Maxcom.