M-pin Test Socket

4mm , 2 mm M-pin

 Test Contactor (M-Pin Series)

M-Pin designed for testing several packages (SOIC, TSSOP, MSOP) and insert type housing compatible to most handlers existing test socket thereby requiring no major modification. M-pin can also be used to replace contact fingers and Pogo pin. M-pin socket can be configured to meet specific requirements from end users.

Features :

  • Contacts made of Beyllium Copper and plated with gold providing excellent electrical and mechanical operation life
  • Dual humps on tip penetrates the leads more effectively by scraping the oxides layers for consistent and repeatable results
  • Board side contact surface of pin remains fixed in contact to the circuit board before and after compression to eliminate damage and digging
  • Pin housing made of Torlon for superior wear and abrasion resistance
  • Pin can be installed and replaced individually
  • Manual Actuator for short-run testing

Benefit :

  • Low cost of test
  • Improve first pass yield
  • Prolonged load board life
  • Eliminate bent leads and invalid failures
  • Ease of maintaining, replacing and configuring of pins and scocket housing